5 things you need for the perfect home spa

5 things you need for the perfect home spa
Very few things are more relaxing than a spa day. But let's be real, a trip to the spa doesn't always fit into our schedules or our budgets. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways for you to recreate the luxurious spa-like experience at home by combining a few things you may already have with the relaxation benefits of our CBD.

Here's our guide to creating your own home spa for less than the cost of a one-hour massage. 

1. CBD Bath Bombs

Use our RENEW CBD Oil Bath Bombs to melt away muscle tension and mental fatigue. Choose from melon and strawberry scents to create the perfect escape. 

2. Candles

Grab a couple of your favorite candles to create the perfect lighting and to boost your senses. We recommend a lemongrass-scented candle like this affordable, vegan candle from LindsayLucasCandles

3. Music

Create or find a playlist to help you tune out the stresses of your day. We recommend this Spa Music playlist on Spotify

4. Bathtub Caddy

Bathtub caddies are great for storing your soaps, loofah, a glass of your favorite wine, or a bottle of water. You can also use it to hold up your favorite magazine or book. We found this one on Amazon for just $29.99.

5. Hemp Body Cream with Emu Oil

After your bath, pamper your skin using our REVIVE Hemp Oil Topical Cream to lock in moisture and relief from inflammation. Grab a jar today. 
Use these five items to bring the spa to your home. Give it a try to start your week feeling relaxed and recharged.