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Byrd Girls Rock
Byrd Girls Rock
Byrd Girls Rock

Byrd Girls Rock


Relish the smooth ,rich  buttery texture of our

signature Byrd Girls Rock body  butters.


1. Citrus Blast is a burst of sweet uplifting citrus.

Contains organic Shea butter and Cocoa Butter which restores skin flexibility and prevents dry skin . 

2. Fruity Floral is a bouquet of fruity apricot, peach and watermelon while peony is the floral scent that makes everything come together.

 Byrd Girls Rock brand is the vision of Erin and Tori Byrd who are sisters with a passion for scents, lotions and potions . 
Erin 11 and Tori 9 are entrepreneurs with a passion to provide luxurious products at an affordable price. 

Erin and Tori are 4th generation entrepreneurs.

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