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Mediterranean Sea Wool

Mediterranean Sea Wool


Sourced directly from the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea these natural bathing fibers are the softest and are the best exfoliates around. They promote rich, creamy lather and never irritate the skin. This luxurious sponge, sustainably harvested and 100% authentic, not synthetic. 

Approximately 6”-7” each. Due to their natural state, each sponge varies slightly in shape and size. These are generously sized sponges perfect for  body care use. 

Care and instructions. With proper care these should last for years. 


Rinse out after use. Squeeze (do not twist) excess water out and hang up in a dry space. Trim any frayed edges as needed with scissors. Disinfect as needed with diluted vinegar (20%) in warm water. 


Twist or pull on sponges too hard. Bleach or put in the washing machine.