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RENEW  Exotic Bath Bomb
RENEW  Exotic Bath Bomb
RENEW  Exotic Bath Bomb

RENEW Exotic Bath Bomb

$12.00 $8.00

We developed our signature 7oz CBD oil bath bombs to pamper your skin while relieving muscle tension and mental fatigue. Our CBD oil bath bombs bring the spa to you by combining the revitalizing properties of lemongrass with mineral-rich Epsom salt to target sore muscles. Unwind with the refreshing scent of our signature Lavender, Lush Pound Cake, Ocean Breeze and so many other fragrances while you melt away the stresses of your day. Contains approximately 100 mg of CBD. 

📝 Recommended Use: Fill the bathtub with water as deep as you'd like and at a comfortable temperature. Once the tub is full, drop the bath bomb into the water.  It may take several minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve. However, you are free to enter the tub while the bath bomb fizzes. Find a comfortable position and relax until water has naturally cooled. Drain the water and clean the tub as needed.

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